Panum Crater Sunrise

Panum Crater Sunrise: I wish I could bottle the light from the Eastern Sierra and keep it in my camera bag. Sunrise over Mono Lake from the Panum Crater. Click through to read more.

Camera Gear in the Backcountry Southern Soul

Top 10 Reasons Why SierraSoul Was Neglected for So Long

  1. We both had to take a second job to support our Gore-Tex habit.
  2. We took a wrong turn near the Lost Coast 2 1/2 years ago and have been living in quiet seclusion with a band of Ewoks.
  3. Waiting to see if this "Internet" thing has legs. Looks like it might.
  4. True to our NorCal roots, we were holding out for the first harvest of organically-grown binary data. Think globally, code locally.
  5. We've been mired in a nasty trademark battle with the makers of a patchouli-scented hair tonic named SierraSoul.
  6. We've been in the lab trying to measure the precise coefficient of geekdom (CoG) that compels someone to use a titanium spork.
  7. We blew a fuse during a freak hairdryer/microwave/computer incident back in 2005. We just found the breaker box last weekend.
  8. Matt spent much of the last 2 years fulfilling his quest to talk about his plans to climb all of California's 14ers.
  9. Turns out it's not OK to taunt a hungry bear with a ham sandwich. But the new prosthetic hand is working prTey g0ob.
  10. We've been in intensive marriage counseling to determine (although we're not assigning blame here) who forgot the damn tent poles...again.

Welcome to SierraSoul - Version 2.ohmygodwhattooksolong


Thanks for being patient. It's been a mighty long time since we last updated SierraSoul; we realize that better than anyone. Nearly two years ago, we started making plans to rebuild the site, which had outgrown its design. Best intentions don't always play well with reality, and it took some time to pull it all together. Clearly, the site still needs a little more time in the oven, but it was now or never. Our hiking guides and trip plans aren't ready quite yet, but you'll see them sometime in the next few months. Take some time to look around - there's quite that is new since you last visited. The complete list of new content can be found below.

So, what finally motivated us to get this live? Well, we're headed to New Zealand at the end of this week, and we needed a nice home for all the stories and photos from the southland. Check back in late December for a recap of that trip.

Finally, if you have any feedback (good or bad) on the new site, we'd really like to hear it. You can send us a message here. Take care.

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